All The Wisdom I Have Gleaned I Owe Entirely To LSD.

I have grown bored of my environment.
No one knows much more than me anymore.
I’m seldom stumped by a sentence.
In fact,
I couldn’t even tell you when that happened last.
I couldn’t.
All the junkies think they’re jedi’s.
All the academics think they’re writers.
The small business owners are motivated largely by ego.
The big business owners, by making money.
I’m trying to be a vegan again.
It’s making me moody.
That, coupled with the fact
my boobs are sitting heavy and sore– I know I need something but I can’t think of it
or name it
let alone create.
I’m hungry but I’m not.
I found myself so angry this afternoon I slammed my bathroom door shut hard with my foot,
from a good distance too–
It made a loud, satisfying bang
and almost made me feel half better.
I cried briefly.
Crocodile tears mainly.
They were frustrated.
They weren’t sad.
And then
following all of this
I saw the ramifications of what LSD does to my social network
time and time again.
It’s boring out there in my city.
Everyone chasing their own tails.
Imagining they can live forever.
Believing their stories are intelligible.
They’re insights unique.
Their moves stealth– their wisdom great.


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